3 best apps to learn english speaking for free

Top 3 apps to learn English online

Best apps to learn English speaking

In this article you are going to learn about some best apps to learn english speaking that will also help you to improve your English vocabulary and communication skills.

Whether you are a beginner or a learner these apps will help you learn more about English vocabulary, antonyms and synonyms and much more.

1. Duolingo

Now this is our lists top and the first app for learning English this app will help you to to learn English even if you are a complete beginner.

Trust me this app is personally used by me and I surely recommend you this. This app has three modes beginner ,intermediate and advanced.

If you choose the beginner level it will help you to you learn new English words and forms simple English sentences

If you choose the intermediate level then this will help you form long and difficult sentences and as for the advanced level IT teaches you English that will help you to talk to anyone fluently.

And the greatest advantage of this app is that not only English but you can learn different Global languages which you like the most and wanted to learn such as Japanese ,Korean ,Chinese etc.



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2. Hinkhoj

Our lists second is app to learn English is hinkhoj. And the best part of this app is it is made in India.

This app helps you to translate sentences from English to Hindi and Hindi to English.

It has more than 5 lakh words with its definitions Antonyms and synonyms which will help you to understand that word more easily and effectively.

And the best part of the app is ,it works on both online and offline which means that even if you don’t have your mobile data you can use this app at any time anywhere you feel.



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3. Hello English

This app is a specially built for the communication purpose. It teaches you how to communicate with people when the first meet and ask questions in English more than 400 plus lessons.

If you are hesitant or don’t know what to speak in front of others then this app is must for you should use this app.

This app will ask you different question according to situation which you have to answer. By doing such practice you will get to know how to communicate with strangers , professionals and other peoples.


• 475 Interactive Lessons
• Interactive Games
• Discussions with teachers
• Practice using daily news and videos
• Conversation and speaking practice game
• 10,000 dictionary words
• Play with friends
• Chat bots



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Best apps to learn English speaking

this article contains top 3 best apps to learn English speaking  for free that will help to communicate with other people In English .

Read this article carefully so that you can know about the pros and cons of the the apps and find the best app that suits you.

That is it for today thank you for reading.


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