Android phone hang setting | fix your mobile hanging problem.

Settings to solve your phone hang problem

phone hang setting

In this article we are going talk about mobile phone hanging problem. This problem is faced by every user when his/her mobile phones get older. So it is difficult for them to run their phones for daily purpose. So to solve your problems here are some phone hang settings. Apply these all settings so you can fix you mobile hanging problem.

1. Disable auto update

One of the making reason that your mobile hangs because of large data fills your Ram . So to avoid this problem you have to disable your auto update from Google Play Store so that unnecessary updates would not takes up your Ram.

  • To Disable auto updates go to Play Store settings and find the auto update option.
  • After clicking on the auto update option you will get the following three options
    1. Over any network
    2. Over wifi only
    3.dont auto update apps.
  • So clearly you have to select the third option to disable auto updates. And if you want to update apps then you can manually do that.

2. Turn off animation from mobile

If you turn off your animation from mobile than your phone will work very fast and also it will increase battery backup in bonus.

So to disble your animation from your phone you have open your developer option.

Don’t know how to enable developer option click here.

After you enable the developer option click on it and find the following three options
1. Window animation scale.
2. Transition animation scale.
3. Animator duration scale.

All these option are set on 1 by default . So you to turn off all these options. After this you will see a drastic change in your mobile speed. Your mobile will be 2 times faster  as it was before.

What causes phone to hang

phone hang setting

The main reason why the phone hangs because of too much use of the phone memory. So if you want that your phone should not hang then you should uninstall or delete all the unnecessary videos and apps. You have to keep some space of your RAM and ROM free always. You can also use external memory card so that you can transfer all your files and apps to it and keep your internal memory free.


This article contains the solution of your phone hanging problem. It contains settings that you can do. so that your phone does not hangs and also some additional information about the reason behind any phone hangs. thanks for reading , love you all.

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