Best 2 apps to fix your free fire lag problem

If you have a low hand device such a 1,2,3 gb Ram and you love to play free fire then you must be facing number of problems while playing it .

how to fix free fire lag.

The most common problem everyone face in low hand devices is laging problem and you must be searching for how to fix free fire lag.

Here I am going to inform you about 2 amazing apps that will increase your game proformance magically.

How to fix lag on mobile while playing free fire

But before that,  please do all these settings so that your phone can provide highest performance during the game.

1. GFX tool for free fire

Now this is the best app I have ever used to run free fire in low hand devices.

And believe me this is going to make your game magically smooth and lag free.

I have personally used this app in many low hand devices and it worked magically.

But you should know how to use it.

Do the following settings in app and launch the game

1. Select the 40 FPS from the FPS setting
2. And from the graphics API select the ‘Open GL 2.0’.

These are main setting to do in this app

Other setting you can skip if you want or either select any that you like.

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2. GFX tool headshot for free fire

This app is especially for headshot purpose
As we know know free fire is famous for headshot.

So learning headshot is one of the main skills in free fire. This app will help you in doing that.

And I have also personally used it this is 100 percent working.

It will tell you the best sensitivity for your mobile which you will set in free fire and then the magic will start.

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This article contains the two apps that will tell you how to fix free fire lag instantly.

Both the apps are best, I will recommend you to set the sensitivity first from second app and launch free fire from first app.

This is it for this article , thanks for reading.


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