Best search engines other than Google.

8 best search engines other than Google


Google has made itself an undisputed leader in the online industry. If we have to ask any questions then we directly search on Google. Google has totally captured the online market and more than 92% of searches are made on Google. Billions of people are using it on a daily basis. It has provided jobs too many unemployed people. And also Google has data of all its users. That gives Google enormous power and control over its users.

That was all about Google and keeping this in mind here are 8 search engines other than Google.

Best search engines other than Google

In these articles you will know about the top 10 alternatives of google. And these are the following search engines.


Now bing is not as big as it was earlier. Then also it remains the best alternative of Google in the market. The main feature of the bing is its l attractive homepage has an ever-changing background that consists of sports people, places, animals, and various other things. Some of the key features of bing are that it provides fast cricket sports score, flight tracking, product shopping, conversation, operating calculations, etc. It provides too many features such as Bing ads being events in finance etc. However it also integrates easily with Facebook, Apple, windows, etc. It also has its own mobile application proving it the best alternative of Google.


Duckduckgo no is one of the fastest-growing web search engines in the world which has gained popularity due to its plans that provide to its users. It does not keep track of your searches. It fetches results from different sources including DuckDuck bot, web crawler , and various crowded sites, Bing etc . And it also maintains the privacy of the users. This is an open-source search engine. It also provides a feature of voice search.

So because of these reasons it attracted the attention of the users who want to keep their data safe.


Ecosia search engine is in existence since 2009. But it is shocking that nobody knows about this easy to use free search engine. And it has the capability to be the great alternative of Google because its interface is very similar to that of Google. Also, Nicosia provides same features that of DuckDuckGo
It does not keep track of your searches and sell it to the third party.

It provides services such as automatic suggestions, safe search, notification, from trees, etc. And here one thing to know is that it is powered by bing. It can be a good alternative of Google as it provides easy to use interface and does not track your searches.


Yahoo is from the time when Google was not even discovered and a fragment of internet users still use it. It is now the 4th most popular search engine in the world. It can solve all your queries apart from this it offers many pictures such as online shopping centers, email services, games center, travel directories, etc. It is the default browser of Mozilla Firefox. Its web portal offers a variety of services ranging from travel to sports and various other offers. It supports 38 different languages.

On the privacy topic yahoo performs better than Google. Since flicker is added to its search engine it offers better search results and sections like Yahoo answers and Yahoo finance have made it a more informative and useful tool.


This search engine claims never to share your personal data for ad targeting. And it the privacy-oriented search engine out from France. As the privacy-oriented search engine, it supports features similar to that of duckduckgo  that is “Qwick Search Shortcuts,”

Its homepage is quite pleasing offering trending topics along with different news in a well-organized manner. Anything you will search will come in three different categories web, news and social. The well-categorized search result will fulfill your queries and it has a special place for music lovers. It provides a different section where music lovers can discover new music with lyrics. making it a good alternative of Google.

6. Swisscows

Swiss cows are previously known as hulbee. This search engine on sixth position because of its private policy. This search engine is popular among parents because of features. It provides child-appropriate search results for which parents use this search engine for their kids. Built-in filter for poronography and violent content makes it a child friendly search engine.

Who can be called as alternative of Google as it does not Store any personal data, IP addresses, search queries, or other identifiers, etc.

Swisscom also suggests tags while searching in it.

7. Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is a search engine that puts privacy at its front. It claims that it does not track any searches that you make on it.   as it uses local encryption for securing your search data. It has more than 23 million users per day.

Search Encrypt is a new alternative of Google and it does its best to prevent the filter bubble of personalized searches. The most exciting feature of this search engine is that it your local browsing history expands after every 15 minutes of inactivity. Not have to worry about your phone and the search history. No one could check it.

8. Start page

Ixquick was a search engine that uses its own results other than Google. Father it developed another search engine start page that uses search results from Google.
And 2009, they were merged, and now they operate under the brand StartPage.

Apart from pulling search results from Google it uses various features to browse websites safely and anonymously. It also provides features to change your theme. And some of the themes are Air (default), White, Black, Night (Dark Mode), and other Classic modes. These all features make it a good alternative of Google.


No doubt that Google is the best search engine that can solve all your doubts and answer all your questions. It has captured 90% of the internet marketers worldwide. The billions of searches are made in a single day.
Google uses a powerful algorithm along with AI implementation that offers easy to search and good experience. The main article helps you to find  10 best search engines other than Google thank you, love you all.

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