How to convert MHz to Hz?

How to convert MHZ to HZ?

In this article you will no how to convert MHz to hertz or megahertz to Hertz. It is not very difficult to convert MHz to Hz only you have to remember some values.

What is hertz?

Hertz is an SI (international system of u Konits) unit of frequency and is denoted by Hz.

What is megahertz

Megahertz is a larger unit of frequency unit of frequency and it is denoted by MHZ. 1 megahertz is equal 1000000 Hertz.

How to convert megahertz to Hertz

How to convert MHz to HzWe know that 1 megahertz is equal to 1 million hertz Hz. To convert megahertz to Hertz multiply megahertz value by 1 million or 1000000.
1 megahertz= 1000000hertz (Hz)
Examples: if we have to convert 5 megahertz to  Hertz then and we will multiply 5 by 1 million
5MHz= 5*1000000

How to convert hertz to megahertz.

1Hz is equal to 0.000001MHz. so  to convert hertz(Hz) to MHz (megahertz) multiply the given value with 0.000001MHz

Example: if we have given  5 hearts to convert into megahertz then we will multiply 5 with 0.000001MHz

5Hz= 5*0.000001


May this article help you to learn the conversion of megahertz to Hertz and vice versa. Thank you love you all.

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