Demon Slayer – The Anime that Shows Sibling Bond

Demon Slayer – The Anime that Shows Sibling Bond


Hey are you curious to know about the anime that will actually blow your mind.

Actually means actually, this is one of my favorite anime that I am talking about.

Yes, you are right it’s demon slayer. It’s has an amazing story line , action and a wonderful animation.

You would like this not for only above reasons but also the emotions and love that the siblings share with each other.

If you are interested in getting to know more, then read the rest of the article, don’t worry I will not spoil it. It’s just a simple review.

Talking about me I finished its 1st season and a movie in just a single day. Amazing isn’t it .



Well this Storyline is revolving around the a brother name Tanjiro and his sister name Nezuko.

These both are our main protagonist and I swear that you are going to love Nezuko for sure this girl is shown so cute and adorable that you will love this character.

Well this starts when our Main character who is out from home for work and the demons attack his house.

The demon slaughter each one of his family members. When he returns home he finds out that everyone is dead leaving her little sister.

But she has been turned into a demon tries to eat people. And attacks him.

And now his brother wants to find a cure to return his sister back to the human.

Well I can’t tell you more than that because that will spoil your show.

But I am sure that the most simple this is story looks the more interesting and emotional it is.

Demon Slayer characters


The best part of this anime that I love the most is the depth of his characters.

Each character has its own story line and has an important role in the story.

You will even connect to the small side characters and the demons. In start you will hate the Demons and when the same demon will die you will feel sad for him.

And as a story will grow on you will realise that every demon has its own past story and was forced to be a demon.

Demon slayer Movie

Demon Slayer movie the Megan train is one of the highest grosing movie In anime history With 8.4 imdb rating .

And over 6.4 million dollar from 1925 theaters within 10 days 34.1 million form Aniplex and foundation. And globally 450million dollars.

Isn’t that enough if not then you should know that this movie was released during the covid-19 in middle 2020.

And in that time none of the Hollywood movie in even stand a chance to become this successful.

It is told that it’s the masterpiece with story, animation and well its fight scene are enough to give you goosebumps.

Surely amazing , isn’t it. I will suggest you to watch its season 1 firstly and than proceed to this movie.

Than you will be able to enjoy this fully.


Well it’s all about this anime , this anime is the best combination of action and adventure.

And if you have a little sister than you must watch with her. Because this anime basically focuses on sibling bond.

And also you would love to see both of protecting each other time to time, telling the deep love between brother and sister.

That’s it if you want me to tell you about any other anime than feel free to comment below.

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