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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Hello Buddy, today in this article I am gonna tell you all about ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Station‘. So read this article carefully to know all about electric charging station.

What is Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

The first question that arises to the mind is what is “electric vehicle charging station”?
Electric Vehicle Charging Station are stations having electric recharging machine that is used to charge electric vehicles, these are also called as :-
1) Charging station
2) Electric recharging point
3) Charging point
4) Electronic Charging Station (ECS)
5) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment(EVSE)
These stations require investment for there establishment and so they are rarely found on retail side store, street roads, near governmental parks etc.

How much does it cost to charge our vehicle on charging stations?


There must be a question that hits your mind ,”How much does it cost to charge our vehicle on charging stations”?
So the reply is many companies offer free charging about 90% companies but all the charge points are not free.
Charging costs depends on size of battery or we can say capacity of the battery and the rate of electricity in that particular area.
For example:… In California, average price is about 18 cents per kilowatt hour(kWh).
At this rate charging Nissan LEAF with a 40-kWh for 150 mile will cost about $7.

How does it work?

The second question that arises to mind is “how does it work”?
So the simple answer to this question is Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) take power supply from any soure (we have many sources of electricity) and then transfer that power to our vehicles.
Batteries 🔋🔋🔋 are recharged using standard plugs and wires which is chosen or we can say specifically designed by electric vehicle manufacturing companies.
It enables them to make their unique identity and compete against other manufacturing industries.

When do we pay Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) for charging our vehicles?

The next question must be when do we pay Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) for charging our vehicles???
Be calm, and most of the time they are free but if they are paid then payment is done after charging of battery..
So u need not to worry that u have paid money and ur battery does not charged up.

How do we pay EVCS?

Transactions can be done through contactless card payment, RFID card or smartphone apps.
You will be surprise to know that u can charge a non-tesla company vehicle on tesla EVCS but the only problem with that is u need to purchase a charger or adapter of ur own.
Using battery equiped vehicle is cheaper than the fuel equipped vehicles.
Day by day every company is transforming their technology and developing new fast and efficient chargers that take less time to charge but lasts for a long time and this competition has lead to use of resources which creates less pollution and are more efficient in their working.
You can also setup a Electric Vehicle Charging point at ur home where u park ur vehicles which only requires the installation of home charging adapter in the area where u park ur vehicle and it is a safe and more convenient.
Minimise rapid charging may help u in keeping ur battery healthy for long period of time.

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There are different levels of Electric Vehicle Charging used by EVCS:

1) Level 1 EV Charging:
Charging is rated at 120 volts
Time taken to fully charge is 16 to 20
2) Level 2 EV Charging:
Charging is rated at 240 volts
Time taken to fully charge is 4 to 6 hours.
3) Level 3 EV Charging:
Charging is rated at 480 volts also called
as DC fast charging
Time taken to fully charge is 30 minutes to
60 minutes.
The upbringing of Electric Vehicle Charging Station EVCS has made the trend of Electric Vehicles possible else everyone was afraid to purchase Electric Vehicle because there was thought that always strikes the mind that,”what would happen if battery discharges midway in the path”.

These all are possible due to the companies who provide these facilities
Some EVSE manufacturers are:-

1. Tata power
2.  Fortum India
3. Magenta group
4. P2 power solution
5. Exicom
6. ABB India
7. Mass-Tech
8. Delta Electrics India.

Last Word 

At last I would like to thank all those people who thought about the nature and switched to Electric Vehicle and also to those who provide these vehicles. I hope this article helped you to clear all your doubts. if you have any query then comment below. thank you for reading this article.


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