Facebook is about to launch First Smartwatch

Facebook is about to launch First Smartwatch – Everyone must know Facebook because it is such a platform, which connects many people together. Facebook’s reign is at its peak. Facebook is now going to launch its smartwatch. Facebook’s smartwatch is currently in discussion and why not because the world’s biggest social media smartwatch is going to launch. The launch date of this smartwatch can be in June next year.

This smartwatch can be very popular among youngster as this smartwatch will keep them connected to social media. There are some features in this which are found in every smartwatch such as health monitoring. There are other features that make it different from the normal smartwatch. This smartwatch can be dual camera. After taking a picture from the camera, you can easily share the picture on your social media like Facebook and Instagram. You can make video calls through this smartwatch. This smartwatch can be in three different colours. Just got this information, about this smartwatch.

One More question is arising in everyone mind what would be price of this smartwatch. According to sources, the price of this smartwatch can be up to 30000 rupees. Facebook is thinking to launch smartwatch because the sale of smartwatch is increasing very fast.


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