How technology is going to change the future

Future of technology

Today Technology has become the most important part of our life without it, we cannot even imagine our life. From the last two decades Technology has grown rapidly that, it helps the human to live their life comfortably and easily. No doubt in the future of technology we are going to see a totally different world, Filled with different inventions and new Revolutionary ideas.

In this article I am going to to tell you about some Revolutionary Technologies that will totally change the life of a human being. You will know how the the world is going to change. And the change is only few tickets away from us.

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1.AI (Artificial intelligence)

Future of technology

Now you may be already familiar about the AI or artificial intelligence. No doubt this is going to be one of the best and revolutionary technology of the future.

In Simple words artificial intelligence is a machine intelligence which can think like a human brain. It can do everything which a human can do. it can show emotions, have problem solving skills and it can take it its own decision. Siri , Alexa are the AI that you see today. AI is not only robots, in future every device will have its own AI. some will be a simple and some will be advance.

2.Internet of things (IOT)

IOT is a technology that will make the human life very easy. This technology aims to make the human life easy and comfortable at the same time lazy.

IOT internet of things is a technology in which every thing that you used in your daily life will be connected to internet and you can control everything with your mobile phone. Such as your security camera cars electronic appliances everything will be connected to the internet through which you can control them.

3. Self driving Cars.

Future of technology

You may be already guessing about this technology. This future Technology will help us to move from one place to another without any driver. These cars will operate without any driver and it is call self driving Cars.

These cars can take you anywhere ,just you have to set the destination and relax into the car and it will automatically drive itself. The probability of accident in the self driving Cars reduces up to 94%. Not only accidents but the traffic will also decrease with the help of self driving Cars. So if you are planning to become a driver in the future, drop this idea immediately because self driving Cars will completely wipe out driver jobs.

4.Space Tourism

Space tourism is a human space travel for recreation purpose. Several organisations such as NASA and space X are working on to send the humans in the space with full protection. Although space tourism is only possible for the rich ones who can pay the the high rent. So start getting the money if you want to travel in the space.

Some ongoing projects are:
  • Elon Musk announce that Starship will be ready for the and piloted trip to Mars till 2022 and the crewed flight will followed in 2024.
  • Space adventurous Ltd. has also announced that they are working on a circular mission to the moon known asDSE-Alpha. And the price for travelling is $100,000,000 per passenger.So get ready to loose your pocket.

5. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a use of computers to create environment which feels real. This technology helps us to experience unreal world and makes us feel like they are happening in front of you.

This technology can educate and entertain the consumer. This is mostly popular in gaming industry, but unlike gaming industry it is also used in various Industries such as architecture industry, medicine industry, military and others.

6. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a Technology which is field of research and innovating devices at atom or molecular level. This technology is really going to change this world because by the discovery of this technology many diseases like cancer will be cured.

This technology will specially help in the medical field. Not only in medical field but this can be used in the purification processes also. We cannot even imagine how it can transform the human body. Let’s take the example if a person have a cancer then we can inject specific nanobots into the body and that will kill the cancer cells which will protect the as life and it will also act like an antibody.


The future of technology we have discussed is not very far it is only few decades far to reach there. not only this technology , but there are many other Technologies that is going to come in the future but let’s keep it for any other article thank you for reading.

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