5 hidden games in Android phone

5 hidden games in Android phone


In this article you will know about 5 hidden games in your Android as you know Android is famous for tweaks and tricks. These 5 Android games are hidden in different functions and apps of your Android phones that you use on a daily basis. You can play these games when you are free and feeling tired.

1. Lollipop game

You may be familiar to this game as as this game is in every lollipop device 5.0. this game in quite funny and easy to play. This is the look game that never ends.
To play this game on your Android go to your settings then on about phone and search for your Android version and tap on it few times. Then long press on logo will appear of lollipop long press on that logo and your game will start.

2. The dinosaur game

This is a Fascinating and interesting game that is on Google Chrome. It is a running game and you have to differentiate yourself from trees while running.
To play this game you have to open your Chrome browser without turning your internet connection on . Then the app will suggest that you are offline and  an icon of dinosaur will be appear click on that and your game will be start. This is also and infinite loop game in which the speed increases with time while playing games.

3.The basketball game

This is simple and realistic game with the part of a Facebook Messenger app. Play this game we have to follow these steps.
You just have to send a parcel emoji to any of you friends and then click on that emoji and that’s it you basketball game this started. Trust me guys you will really enjoy this game too much.

4. The Google game

As the name suggest this is the part of the Google. I have personally played this game too much this is very difficult to play for me and you will really enjoy playing this game. To play the game go to your Google search engine turn off your data and search for anything that you want. Google will show that you are offline with a cartoon emoji on that. Click on the emoji and that’s it your game will be started.

5. the chess game

The last game of list is part of Facebook Messenger. And it is a chess game and the process to play this game is also different from the normal one you will enjoy this game playing with his friend it’s very easy. To play this game open your conversation and text anybody to whom I want to play @fbchess internet chess board. You and your friend to whom you send this text can play games.


This article you knew about 5 hidden games on Android phones that you can play anytime and anywhere you want. You should only play these games when you are free and you are bored this will help your mind to feel happy. May this article helped you. thank you love you all.

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