How to change your name in your facebook account

How to change your name in facebook

Do you want to change your name in your Facebook account than there must be reason . May be you have a childhood funny name and you want to change it with your current name Or any other reason. Whatever may be the reason if you want to change your name in Facebook than follow these simple steps.

How to change your name on facebook

1. Go to your Facebook app and login to your account
2. Click on the three lines at the top of the right side of the page


How to change your name on facebook

3. Now click on “setting and privacy”

4. And go to setting


How to change your name on facebook

5. Now click on the “personal information ”



6. Now you are in the general setting, click on the “name”


7. In the box, type your new name you wish to use.


8. Now enter your password and review your new name.


Things to know before changing your name on Facebook

After changing your name you should remember that Facebook allow you to change your name in time period of 60 days and if you often change your name then the time period is extended to 120 days. So make sure before changing your name and think carefully.

And also you should use your real name on Facebook and avoid any fake name. If you use a fake name than your account may be suspended by Facebook.

On Facebook you should go with your name you use in your every day life. So that your may interact with you .


This article contains information to change your name on your Facebook account. I hope this article helped you to solve your problem. if you have any doubt related to this article then comment below, thank you love you all.


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