How to check Airtel data balance?

How to check Airtel data balance?

Airtel one of the most popular telecommunication networks. It is mainly used by young people and is known for its fast internet speed. It is necessary to check the Airtel data balance so that it doesn’t exceed your data limit plan.

how to check airtel data balance
how to check airtel data balance

Here are some ways to check internet data plans by different methods

Download my Airtel app

If you are an Android user then and it will be best to download My Airtel app. This is the easiest way to check your Airtel data balance. Not only this but you can check various other information like different data plans, your data validity, and also you can recharge by your Airtel app.

You can download the Airtel app from the App Store on Google Play Store after downloading follow these steps.

1. Download my Airtel app from Google Play Store.

2. Sign up through your mobile number. And you will get pieces of information and many other services through this app.

3. You can see Airtel’s main balance data validity on the app dashboard.

Using Airtel website

1. Go to the Airtel website your google browser.

2. Login your account.(for login goes to Airtel website click on the upper left corner on person logo. There you will see any screen asking you for your mobile number or ID and password.

(If you have not registered then click on the register option at top of the page there you will be asked to enter your personal information and create your password)

3. Click on the account information tab just below the home page when you access your account.

4.Click your Airtel DSL number which displays the unpaid amount or your unpaid details.

5. Click on view unpaid amount. this will show your data usage in KB

Using USSD Codes

The fastest way of checking your Airtel data balance is by using USSD codes. Here are different ways to check your data balance through USSD codes read carefully.

1. Dial *121# in your Airtel dialing pad.

2. The new menu pops on your screen. you can type number 5 and then number 1 to see your daily data usage.

Different Airtel USSD codes that will make your life easy.

To check your own Airtel number.
Dial *121*1# or *121*9# or *121*2#

To  check your main balance
Dial *121*2#


I have provided all the methods by which you can check your Airtel data balance. You can use any of them which you feel easier.
If you have any doubts related to this then comment below. I hope this article helped you to solve your Airtel data checking problem. Thank you love you all.

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