How to earn money online | 20 Different ways.

How to earn money online

How to earn money online

Don’t have any work during lockdown? You you have too much extra time? and you want  to use it in some creative way than don’t worry , I am going to you tell you top 20 ways how you can earn money online by sitting at home in your free time.

By doing all these works you can gain experience in your field and you can also learn how to earn a good amount of money online

20 ways to earn money online

1. Freelancing.

Freelancing is the the type of work in which companies and people approaches you tu do  there work . And after the work is done they will pay a money to you . The freelance industry is going to be 20 to 30 billion dollars by 2025. And after the lockdown the demand of freelancing is going to rise  as it costs cheaper then hiring a new employee in their company.

Now you have to decide which work you have to do you and you want to serve for the company.

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2. Virtual assistant

It’s the type of work in which you will be a virtual assistant of the company or individual people. You can assist the people by sitting at your home and help him to grow his business. You can work for the Entrepreneurs that do not have too much money to to hire a  assistant.

You can choose the field in which you want to assist such as operations , calling , social media etc.


Today online tuition has become a great platform and people during lockdown learning through online tuitions. So don’t miss this opportunity and start teaching the subjects that you have and you think that you can teach to others.

You can teach anything that you are good enough to teach. such as programming painting , singing , maths , science etc. And by 2025 online tuition is going to become 319 + billion dollars industry.


Now video influencing has the biggest scope in the future because in country like India we have large population with more mobile phones and low cost internet. Because of this reason video contents are going very popular and everybody want to see video instead of reading a full paragraph.

80% of the data consumption is derived by videos and it is going to grow in future. You can make videos in any of your strength it can be cooking , craft , biology , sports etc.


As internet is growing the scope of Blogging
industry is also growing rapidly.You can write about your own topic that you are very passionate about. It can be anything such as programming , tech related etc .

You can earn through Ad revenue , affiliate ect.from blogs.


Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you get commission for the promotion of other people or companies product and services. You can promote any product that you like but that product should be genuine otherwise your business model will not run for long time.

You can add affiliate links to your blogs , social media , YouTube , 7 etc.


Google ads is one of the popular source of earning money. Google Adsense run their advertisements on your blogs YouTube channel or website and in return you get paid. The ads are created by advertisers who want to promote their products.

So if you have website YouTube channel for any blog then you can run Google ads to earn money.


If you are a social media lover and wants to earn money through social media then you can become a Facebook business expert in which you can do different works such as
‌ you can learn how to run ads on Facebook.
‌ you can do sales for companies on Facebook.
‌ you can learn to generate revenues from pages.

Options are many now you have to decide which skill you have to develop and earn money from it.


There is a good news for you if you know any regional language . Companies want to translate their ads , articles , books other different languages . there is a big need in translation industry. So you can do this if you know any  regional language and earn money form it.


When you use videos to promote any product and services that is known as video marketing. Many companies want to grow their businesses through videos but they are unable to do and you can fulfill their needs by doing this.

For doing this you only have to learn video editing and video marketing.


This is the type of business model in which company or individual person buy finished goods in wholesale and sell them to earn profit. You can sell your products on Amazon Flipkart etc. By sitting in your home.

Many people in India are earning millions from this business model. You can also try to become a reseller. By 2026 the reselling is going to become 3 billion dollars industry in India. It has big scope so don’t waste your time start earning.


IN 2019 , 1900 crore apps were downloaded. Quite interesting , this means the apps have bright future. Every company wants to make their own app , so their business can grow. and many companies are still doing it .So you have the opportunity to become app developer and earn from it.

If you don’t know how to develop apps then first learn it. There are many free online courses on YouTube and Google you visit to learn there.

To earn money you can either provide freelancing service or you can make apps for the company.


As internet is growing websites are also growing rapidly. So you can learn the  development , it is easy to learn as compared to app development.

You can give web development services the person who want to make their website.


If you are a creative person you can be a meme marketer . this business model has a bright future but nobody knows about it.

Many channels , companies, movie , and TV serial use this method to reach many people.
There are many agencies to use meme marketing. You can do freelancing for these companies.


If you are a good writer and you know how to express through writing then you can become a content writer. Many website , advertising agency , and bloggers need content writers to write content for them.

So this career is going to grow in future. Be ready for it , and practice from now. if you are a good writer you will definitely earn more than you think.Again you can provide freelancing services to these companies and bloggers.


Copywriting is also for the the people who loves to write. It is the act of writing for advertising some products or services or other forms of marketing. Copywriting is mainly done to increase the awareness about the products and services.

So no doubt copywriting as a bright future. You can start it from now and earn money from it by sitting at your home.

17. Graphic designing

Do you know what is graphic designers do? Graphic designers create visual concepts by using computer softwares that communicate and engage with the consumers. In graphic design you can design logos,  graphic,  and design for the companies.

Companies usually search for graphic designers on freelancing websites to design logos for their website to make templates etc. So you can build expertise in graphic designing.


Dropshipping is a business model that does not require to keep goods in stock. Instead transfer its customers order and shipment detail to the third party. Who then ships the product directly to the customer.

This is a very easy business model you don’t have to keep any stock you just influence your customers to buy the product and rest of the work the third party will do. You can do dropshipping by your website , blog , YouTube channel or social media.


Social media influencers those people who have built some reputation on social media through their expertise or knowledge in a particular topic. They upload post regularly on the topic they preffered and build huge following.

The future is in the hands of social media because social media is growing very fast and it will grow in future because people spend most of the time with their virtual friends on social media instead of real friends.


internship as a short term work experience given by a company or organisation especially to the students.

You can give internship in your skills in whatever you are good at. That can be sales , digital marketing , network marketing etc. You just have to go on on and apply your profile according to your skill.


How to make money online

This article contains top 20 ways to earn money online. Remember that whatever you do you have to give your 💯percent in that work in order to be successful. Show all the best and start working. Thank you for reading love you all.

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