How to increase battery backup in Android phone

How to increase battery backup in an Android phone

Hi guys these are some tips to increase your battery backup and solve fast battery drain problem. These tricks can be applied on any mobile device or Android phone. Read this article carefully and follow each step to increase your battery backup.

Here are some ways to increase your battery backup

How to increase battery backup in Android phone

1. Restrict background activities of apps.

The phone receives a number of notifications that consume too much battery. so to avoid this, you should off the notifications of the applications that you don’t need. You can switch off of these notifications manually bye going in Settings > Apps & Notifications and there, inside the specific app’s page.
tap Advanced > Battery > Background restriction.

If you don’t want to do this manually then you can use greenify application for this purpose.

2. Switch off background data.

Some apps continuously use mobile data in the background which consumes too much battery. To avoid this you can go to setting and switch off the background data.
To reach this setting follow the steps mentioned above but instead of battery go in data usage.

3. Keep control over location and Wi-Fi.

Your phone GPS is responsible for fast battery draining. To save your mobile battery try to keep your location off. Since the Oreo update, android continues to come with open WiFi, and that drains battery very fast.To turn off WiFi go Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi. Under Wi-Fi preferences, uncheck the Turn on Wi-Fi automatically option.

4. Keep your RAM Free

There are many apps that you do use but these apps are still in your phone. These apps run in the background and use the battery. You should uninstall all unwanted applications that you don’t need this will prevent your phone from extra battery usage and extreme heating.

5. Disable Google assistant

Google Assistant is a very useful tool to have entertainment and fun and get all your answers without any touch but this continuously uses your phone’s always wakes for speak command and uses the location for fetching various information. If you don’t use Google assistant most of the time then you should turn it off.

This will save your phone’s energy. To turn it off go in Google app and click on setting and under google assistant header . Click on the setting again. Now click on the assistant tab and there tap your phone’s name at the bottom of the list. Now turn off Google Assistant.


These are some tips you should follow to give your battery save long-lasting if you don’t get a solution for these tips then you should go to the mobile service center and talk with them because that case your battery is damaged. Comment below if this article helped you to increase battery backup thank you love you all.


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