Interesting Facts about mobile phones

Interesting facts about mobile phones.

Interesting facts about mobile phones: Hi Guys this article will tell you about some interesting facts about mobile phones that you may not know .and will help you to increase your knowledge about technology so that you can surprise anybody with these facts. So let’s begin.

Interesting facts about mobile phones.

Fact No 1 On April 3, 1973 the first phone call was made.
Dr.joel S Engel of bells labs by Martin Cooper on 1973 April 3 made the first call. Is this was not an interesting fact about mobile phones.

Fact No 2 The first mobile phone was Motorola Dyna TAC 8000x.
it was invented in 1983 by Martin copper. A senior employee of Motorola it could only store 30 contacts with around 1.1 kg weight. And offered a talk time of 30 minutes and its price was roughly $3999.

Fact No 3 The best selling mobile phone is a Nokia 1100.
it is the best selling mobile phone till the present date. There are 250 million units sold and it is considered one of the toughest phones ever created .which is able to make this amount of success.

Fact No 4. The addiction to mobile phones is called nomophobia.
There is a feeling called in ringxiety which feels as like the phone is ringing but actually it is not. There is another term called phubbing which describes the behavior of a person who ignores everything while using the phone even human beings and his family. There are two thousand million human beings who suffer from this phobia and have certain fear to leave their phone at home.

Fact No 5. An average human being checks his phone about 150 times a day on average.
An average human being checks his phone every after 6 minutes.

Fact No 6. The most expensive mobile phone in the world is supernova pink diamond iPhone
Its cost is 95.5 million dollars. it is made up of 18-carat gold and has a large pink diamond on its back. And there is a cheaper version of this phone costs 48.5 million dollars.

Fact No 7. The weight of the first phone was 2.5 pounds.
What? Yes it is true the first phone was 2.5 pounds. You may use this phone to exercise. for comparison and the average weight of an iPhone is  0.24 pounds.

Fact No 8. Most of the people in the world own more mobile phone than a toothbrush.
Yes, this is true today most of the people in the world owns phone than a  toothbrush. it has lost its value please help him to regain is its value again.

Fact No 9. In 2013, 21% of traffic accidents in the US were due to the use of mobile phones.
This fact is really dangerous so use your mobile phones carefully by walking to the street or you may use it after going home.

Fact No 10. 40% of the smartphone theft happens between 12  and 5 p.m.
Be sure guys you should not out your phone during this time it may be the time when you lose your phone isn’t it.

Fact No 11. Do you know the official game of Finland is mobile throwing?
You should go here if you don’t like your phone and throw your mobiles and ask your parents to buy a new one isn’t it a good idea.


These are some interesting facts about mobile phones hope you liked it. This will help you to be an interesting person in your group and you may also impress a girl or a boy who is interested in technology and go on date with him /her. thank you guys I hope this article helped you.

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