IPhone vs android: Which one is best for gaming

Are you a gamer and you are unable to decide which phone you should buy for better gaming , IPhone or a gaming phone. Which let us to enter the battle of iPhone vs Android.

For deciding this let us discover the different situations in which you should buy a iPhone or a gaming phone.

Iphone vs android

Is IPHONE or gaming phone is better for gaming

If you are a gamer and you just play games for fun and enjoyment and not for streaming or for esports than I will suggest you to go with iPhone.

The reason you should buy iPhone because it gives you an extremely good experience in gaming as compared to any gaming phone.

Although a gaming phone provides you with many features such as air triggers and other accessories for gaming purpose but but if you want the best gaining experience then gaming phones cannot be compared with iPhone. Specially for the games like pubg Call of Duty and free fire.

These games require high sensitivity and high graphics which you will get on iPhone rather than a gaming phone.

Which is best for esports

When it comes for a esports than a normal Android phone is the best choice you have.

This is because Iphones are generally not allowed in esports. The esports organisation provide their own device to play in a competition.

So if you have a habit to play on iPhone you will not perform well in any esports.

So if you wanted to make you future in esports you should always play on Android phone rather than on iPhone.

Which is best for Streaming

If you are streamer and searching for device for streaming on YouTube then I will suggest you to go with iPhone.

A Streamer can show better gameplay with iPhone. And iPhone is the best choice for streaming purpose rather than Android phone because sometimes Android phones show glitches while streaming. Which sometimes is very frustrating.

So to avoid this glitches and the other streaming problems you should go with iPhone.


This article contains the famous battle of iPhone vs android but this is especially for gaming purpose that is which performs better in gaming.

Both the devices are equally beneficial based upon different situations as you have read above.

Maybe all your doubts have been cleared by reading this article thanks for reading.

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