How to promote affiliate links without website?

How to promote affiliate links without website?

Hello, guys welcome to our blog and in this article, I am going to show methods to promote affiliates links without a website. To know all the methods to promote the affiliate link without a website, stay tuned with this article. In this article, I will tell only those methods which are free. Because we do not want to pay for some conditional reason. Specially this article is for that person who is not eligible to afford the website and he wants to promote the affiliate link.

Methods to promotes affiliate links without a website.

These methods to promote affiliate links are free of cost. So we can easily earn money from the affiliate link through commission.

1. Telegram

One of the most profitable ways to promote affiliate links is a telegram. Telegram is free of cost. To promote links on telegram, we need an audience. We can collect an audience by creating a telegram channel. We can easily create a telegram channel from the telegram app. The telegram group is also one of the profitable ways to promote links. By sharing our affiliate links on telegram channels  we can make money. I have also experience in it. I got this method as one of the easiest and profitable methods.

2. Youtube

Youtube is a video sharing platform. Where many people share their video and they provide their affiliate link on their description. The people use their affiliate link to purchase products. By using this method many people have earned a lot of money. We can use this method to promote links and earn money.

3. Facebook

On Facebook, we can share our affiliate links on the Facebook group, Facebook page and on our news feed. By this simpy tricks we can promote our tonnes of affiliate link without using the website.

4. Forums and online communities

We can use the forums and online communities with an audience to promote our affiliate link without the website. This method is totally free of cost. This method of promotion of the affiliate link is very easy.

5. Using Whatsapp groups

we can make money by affiliate link by sharing it on the WhatsApp group. This method of promotion of affiliate links without a website can be performed by anyone. Because it is very easy to use WhatsApp. Many people have created the WhatsApp group with an audience of a niche. They use to share affiliate links on Whatsapp group and they make money.


This was all methods to promote affiliate links without a website. I think now you are able to promote your affiliate links without using the website. Then also if you have any queries then comment below.

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