Stop leaking your personal information- cyber safety

Cyber safety is essential 

Cyber safety

Well, as you have read the topic, the first question that arises to everyone’s mind is:

•What is Cyber Safety and why do we need it?
The term Cyber Safety refers to follow some steps to maintain our privacy or security of our personal data over internet.

We need cyber safety measures as many websites track us, check our history, try to take our personal information and sell it to others.

Many websites track you in the following ways:-
1- Using IP Address:  using IP address one can know about your rough geographical location

2- User Agent:  our browser itself sends a useragent when we visit a website which is used by websites to send us targeted ads

3-Cookies:. They are small pieces of information that a website stores on the browser, for eg:- when you login to a visited website then it automatically fills up the form.

                They are of two types:

1:- First party cookies–  stores login id,  password, autofill information, etc.
2:-Third party cookies- store web browser history in order to know your interest and send you ads.

4:-HTTP Refrer–  You must have observed many ads while browsing over the website and when by mistake or by your conciousness you click on the ad then you are transferred on another webpage.

You can observe it on YouTube you will a see video then many videos start to come on home page related to that content.

We should take care of browsing the web over internet safely
For this we need to follow certain steps, they are:–

a. Anonymous browsing or Private browsing
For this you can use following method

1) Incognito browsing
2) proxy
3) VPN(Virtual private network)

For maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information you can do following:

a)   Firwall on pc

b)   change browser settings and disable

c)    private browsing

d)       do careful posts

e).  visit websites with url https as ‘s’ stands for secure, especially for online transaction and input of personal data.

f)   Do not open link directly from email rather copy it to browser and then open it.

g)  wireless networks are more vulnerable to cyber attacks so try to send data through wired medium

h) use ad block

i).  avoid using public network.

Cyber Safety

I think after reading these content you must be aware of need for maintaining privacy over internet….

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