Virtual reality the future tech

What is virtual reality

What is virtual reality


Virtual reality is the next Revolutionary technology that is going to evolve with time and enhance the user experience. You will be shocked to know the affects of virtual reality and how it is going to change the world.

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Virtual reality is the use of Computer technology to create a three dimensional fake environment using electronic devices. The virtual reality is made by two words “virtual” and “real” which means nearly real. Which makes an experience that seems to be actual to the real life experience.

Hardware devices are used to bring that real experience over the body of the person Such devices are, special ‘Goggles’ or ‘gloves’ which will make you feel that the things are real due to which it creates environment which looks quite real.

You can move your body up , down or anywhere as if you are in Real world. It can be used in educational purposes , games and training purpose.

Purpose of virtual reality

Virtual reality is a technology which creates real experience that can used to educate and entertain the consumers in many ways. Moreover it is widely used in gaming industry. Not only just gaming industry it is widely used in medicine, military and architecture industries.

What are the examples of virtual reality?

There are a variety of industries who use VR but we will see the top 4 most exciting uses of the VR.

• VR in education

Using virtual reality for education purpose, it makes learning a more exciting and easy way in which students can engage to something complex subjects and skills in less amount of time. Through VR simulation a student can interact with the surroundings which makes the study and learning more enjoyable and intresting task.

By using VR are the most boring subjects can become very interesting. Example the subjects which seems to be very boring and factual that most of the students don’t like to read.

With the help VR a student can literally experience the past events and wars and could understand the situation of the people of that time. And this will help the students to understand the historical development and other Complex facts.

  • VR in gaming

VR has enhanced the gaming experience by enabling the feature to take The Gamers into the screen. The industry Delivers some gaming accessories that increases gamers experience and allow him to get involved in the game.

The virtual reality in gaming market size was valued at USD 11.56 billion in 2019. And expected to grow at compounding annuall rate of 30.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Now people are getting aware of the VR accessories such as bodysuits, headsets, and gloves.VR headsets launched in 2016 is considered as a revolution in this industry. Gamers become more interested in using VR technology to experience 3D character surrounding them.

VR in medical

Virtual reality is a new method for training in the medical groups. It can be used for the students of medical science to practice the treatment process before any performance on the patient. It gives the students real life hard situations that is going to come during the operation . It will help the students to learn faster compared to the normal way of teaching and also, it will give the treatment experience to the students at very young age.

VR in militry

VR is used in military speciallly for training purpose. The main motive of VR in military is to prepare the soldiers for the battlefield without putting them into any harm. This will help the soldiers to handle the difficult situations during war or combat. It also teaches the soldiers to learn how to react in a difficult situation in appropriate manner that benefits the circumstances. The Virtually made simulation help the soldiers to learn the new skills and Battle strategies necessary for combat.
Using VR training in the military helps the the soldiers to avoid high risk and injury.


What is virtual reality

This article is about using virtual reality in various industries and some facts about it .And if you have already read this article than thanks for reading. May you have enjoyed reading and comment the best part of this article thank you.

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