What are the effects of technology?

What are the effects of technology?

Effects of technology: Today technology has changed our life From starting of the day to the late night will stick with our mobile phones. We don’t care even our family for our friends on social media.technology has given us some positive and negative effects on human life. Let us discuss some of them.

Effects of technology on health
Excessive use of technology can cause various problems such as instant gratification, distraction and even depression . Besides this, overuse of technology can also cause some physical problems such as neck pain hearing loss and vision problems.

Long term effects of technology
Over use of technology reducing the attention span.have you ever observed that children’s today have less attention span than in the past. Today today most people have attention span of less than 12 seconds. Also it became a reason for weight gain .People who use technology too much gain weight faster than those who go outside and play. And several other problems such as loss of sleep, back and neck pain etc.

Negative impacts of technology on children
Today kids are addicted to mobile devices. In in very early age they get mobile phones from their parents. And do not spend enough time with their family or friends and they are more likely to make friends virtually. Today’s children spend their day while watching YouTube videos, chatting on Facebook, playing  online games etc. And do not do enough physical activity and has lost the social interaction. And this affects the relationship between children and their parents.
Parents can guide their children use technology in a right way. And can save the children from these problems and make his future bright because technology have the potential to make the children’s future bright push him in the darkness.

Positive effects of technology on society

  • Technology has affected us in many positive ways an improved our living condition. In Ancient times people were not able to travel fast but today technology has made traveling very easy and fast.here are some uses of the technology  on the human societ
  •  it helps us to learn new things by sitting in our home.
  • It has brought the digital revolution by which everything went  online from shopping to making friends online.
  • We can make new friends by sitting at home.
  • ‌ We can spread any positive message    through social media and can help each other at the time of crisis.
  • ‌ navigate the better quality of life and  people have long life due to modern medicines and technology.
  • ‌ technology has provided entertainment at home through games, movies etc. 

Positive effects of technology on health
There are various apps that helps us to be physically fit such as fitness apps and diet apps. using one of them can help you to be physically fit and active. Technology has also brought the cure of various diseases that became the reason for the death of millions of people. It has also improved our mental health through various games such as puzzles , chess and such online games.

Technology has both advantages and disadvantages it is in our hand how we use them nothing is good and bad it is our point of view to see the things. So use the technology for  the betterment of your life not for spoiling it.

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