What is a pixel | full information

What is a pixel

What is a pixel

A pixel is a short form of picture element. These are actually the small dots or the square boxes that makes up the image on any screen. The screen contains thousand or even millions of pixels. A pixel cannot be seen by our naked eyes because individual pixel is very small. If your image is of low resolution then you May see the small dots or boxes these are the pixels the pixels that the image are made up of. If you have high resolution HD image then you may not see the pixels . This is because of many pixels pixels are gathered at single place and are much closer to closer to each other much closer to each other that make the the clear image. Same is in the case of of of the case of of case of of low resolution images the dots are away from each other because of less amount of pixels. Therefore we are able to able to to see the pixels on the image. You may have seen the old black and white TV in which you can you can see the running white dots those are pixels pixels.

How pixel create colors

Each pixel can only be in one colour  at a time.To create a colour each individual dot blends with each other that create various shades. Each pixel can be in different number of colours that is determined by the number of bits used to represent it.

Example:  8-bit pixel allows for 256 colors, while a 24-bit pixel displays 16,777,216 colors.

What is a pixel made of ?

Pixels are made of three dots – A red , a blue , and a green one. The three dots converge at the same point but it appears fuzzy because monitors have some convergence error that makes it appear fuzzy.


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