What is direct marketing ? How to do direct marketing?

What is direct marketing? How to do direct marketing?

Companies use different strategies to inform the world about their products and services. Direct marketing is a form of marketing in which customers are directly approached to buy their products and services without involving any middleman through emails,  calls and direct mailing. If you have received any advertisement through these channels it means that you have understood what is direct marketing. Middlemen in the newspaper or TV advertisers who ask for money for advertising. The call to action is the main motive of direct marketing

What is direct marketing ? How to do direct marketing?
What is direct marketing?

Different methods of Direct Marketing
1. Email marketing: This type of marketing is the form of marketing in which targeted customers are sent emails offering discounts to attract and get responses from the customers. If you have received an email from any company offering any discount then and it is an email marketing.

2. Telemarketing:  This is the method of marketing in which the company sells its products over the telephone. If you have got any phone from the company asking you to take their services that is the telemarketing. This method of marketing is cost-effective if done successfully and Andi chore customers very easily.

3.Direct mailing: it is a marketing technique in which the company uses a mail service to promote its goods and services through newsletters, vouchers, catalogs, and postcards, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing

‌ Advantages

1. You can send mails to the targeted audience according to their buying behavior and increase your sales. the more targeted your audience is the most successful is your campaign.

2. Techniques like email and telegram marketing very cheap and very cost-effective.

3. It is measurable. If your campaign asks your targeted audience to use a coupon then you can measure your success rate.

4. You can deliver detailed information about your products and services to the customers.


1. Many peoples get irritated by direct marketing and this is true in telegram and door to door marketing they  force people to buy their products even they are not interested.

2. Using letter vouchers in a heavy amount can cause environmental degradation.

3. In this highly competitive world your campaign may not very effective to your customers as they receive many such campaigns.

4. Very low response rate. In this marketing technique people do not respond to the campaigns the response rate is about 1-3% only.

How to do direct marketing

There are different ways to direct marketing you can use newsletters, direct mailing telegram and various other techniques.

Here is the step by step process of direct mailing.

1. Develop a mail list: create a list of  customers to you want to target and sell your products

  1. 2. Create a mailing price: You don’t just have to send emails to the number of peoples listed on the list. You have to create offer II that attract people towards your goods. You have to create a call for action for your customers.

3. Provide code to your mails: whatever you ask your customers make sure that your mail contains some quotes such as 04, 99, etc. so that you can define who has responded to your mails.

4. Test Your campaigns: before sending the nearest number of recipients you should test your mail campaign. You should send 10% of your printed mail to some customers and check whether they are effective or not.

5. Run the campaign: Keep your mailing pace in line with your ability to handle the potential responses. Your test mailing will give you some sense of the rate of customer response. Run the campaigns that you found effective by testing your mail campaign.

6. Handle customer responses: you should know how to handle customer’s responses if you have askes customer request services then it will be hard for you to respond to all the emails quickly. The more quickly you respond the mail the most chances for your customer to buy the product.

7. Analyze the campaign result: The most important trick of the campaign is to analyze the campaign result and observe does the result matches your expectations or not. if it does not matches your what you have expected then know your mistakes and move on.


This article told you about direct marketing.  May this article help You to start your campaign and to become more successful in life. Thank you love you all.

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