What is Dpi | Full information

What is dpi

It stands for dot per inch, this is used to measure the resolution of an image on printer and on the screen . As the name suggest name suggest it means number of dots that should be printed on the paper per inch both vertically and horizontally.Therefore the more dots per inch the better resolution and the clearer image will be made.

What is dpi

Example: If u are printing image by taking 10 DPI then the printer will print 10 dots per inch the image will not be very clear. And if you take 300 dpi then the printer will print 300 dots per inch and due to many dots at a same place the image can show more details.

Dpi does not mean dots per square inch. If you enter 300dpi then the printer will print 300dots both horizontally and vertically means 90000dots per square inch.

What is good dots per inch for gaming

You can set any dpi for gaming as high as you want but people still say that a good dpi for gaming is 400 , 800 and 1600. But according to gamers good gaming experience is at 400 and 800.


What is dpi

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