What is processor? All Details of Processor

What is processor?

What is processor

In this article you will know about what is a processor and what is its function in a mobile device. you will get complete knowledge about the processor and its different terms like core, MHz, Nm, etc. That will help you to buy a phone with the best processor.

Definition of processor

What is processorIn technical terms a it is a chip that performs different calculations and operations and runs the computer. it receives input and provides output. It directly affects your device performance either it is a computer or a mobile. the more powerful your processor is, the more smoothly your device will run. So if you are a game lover or if you want the best performance on your phone then you should know about it.

Example. Here We will take an example of a bike. In bike, the engine is the main part that decides how fast or how smooth your bike will run. If your bike has a good engine then it will run very smoothly and comfortably. This you can correlate with a processor, In this case, bike is your mobile, and the engine is the processor. If your processor is made by good technology then you will have a better performance the same as in the engine of the bike.

What is processor core

The core is an individual processor within a device. Many devices today have multiple core processors such as dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core processors, etc. Simply by combining processors (core) on a single chip we are able to increase the performance of the device.

You can understand this with an example such that if a worker can do a piece of work in one day then definitely 2 or more than two workers will take less time. The same is in the case of processors, multiple processors are more effective than a single processor. They will take very little time to do any work and will be very fast. The more core your processor has the great performance it will provide to your device.

What is clock Speed

What is processor

Clock speed is a speed at which the computer completes its processing cycle. It is generally calculated in megahertz or gigahertz . 1 megahertz means computer completes 1 million cycles in one second. So if the speed of the processors is fast then, it will perform millions of calculations in one second that will make processors very fast.

Nanometer in processors.   

What is processor

It is the unit of measurement used for measuring the length. And Since Processors contain microscopic components it is used to measure its size. The number in nanometer (NM) defines the distance between 2 transistors and other components of the processors. The smaller the number of the nanometer (NM) the more transistors can be placed in a specified area alloying faster processor design.


IF you want good processing on your phone or a laptop then and it should be balanced among all the criteria. This means it should have good clock speed, a small number in nanometer, and multiprocessors. I think your doubts have been cleared. This was all about the processors thank you love you all.

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