What is Python Programming? All details of Python.

What is Python Programming?

Python is the most powerful, high level,  object-oriented programming language. That was developed by a Dutch programmer Guido van Rossum in 1991.

Guido van Rossum was one of the popular programmer. of his time. Guido van Rossum was able to develop this programming language due to his difficulty in establishing the interaction between C and Unix OS. He thought there must be a programming language to solve this integration between C and Unix OS. This led to a new powerful programming language.

Features of Python.

  1. Easy to learn – One of the most admirable features of python is easy to learn. Even I have learned python in very little time with full understanding due to its simple structure, clearly defined structure, etc. It becomes more easier because we don’t need other programming languages to understand the python.]
  2. Interaction mode – Interaction mode is supported in Python which helps n testing and debugging the code.
  3. Code simplicity – Python is a High-level language and it has a vast library of add-on modules that make it more easy and simple.
  4. Portable – Python is portable and can be run on various hardware platforms with the same interface.
  5. Free to use – We don’t need to pay to run the python because it is free even at the commercial level.
  6. Simple syntax – Python has a very simple easy syntax.
  7. Gui programming – Gui applications are supported in Python and can be ported and created in various systems.

Application Of Python Programming.

  1. Python use in developing the games.

2. Python gives the ability to computer to learn.

  1. It performs various data analyses.
  2. It is used in building AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  3. This language enables the robotics and usually uses in robotics.
  4. It uses web application development.

 What are the objects and classes in python?

Objects –  It can be defined as an entity and it has a physical appearance in real life. Ex- Crow.

Classes –  Classes can be defined as abstract idea behavior of objects. Ex-Black.

How to download Python?

I think that now your all basic understanding has been cleared from the above information which I have given.

Now, we need to download the Python for practice. So guys follow the steps which I have given below to download the Python.

Step1. First Visit the URL www.python.org/download.

Step2. After opening the above URL we will see the python for both 32 bit as well for the 64-bit computer. Click on the Download Button.

Step3. After downloading python, we need to install it in the computer. Run the python by doubt- clicking on the download installer software. After this installation process will start.

Last Word

This was all about the basic python. If you to learn further deeper then comment below. If you have queries in understanding. Then also comment below.



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