What is SEO and how it is important PDF?

What is SEO and how it is important


In this article you will know about what is SEO and how it is important. and you will also be able to download its PDF given in the link below. That will help you to revise this article and learn more about SEO further.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. which means optimizing your website to get organic and unpaid traffic from search engine results. In other words, designing your website to enhance user experience and make the site more attractive and understandable by using an appropriate title and quality content to rank on the top of the page.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing.

SEO(search engine optimization) is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. All companies use search engine optimization to rank their website on the top of the page so that their products and services could be known by everybody.
If you run on the first page of the Google search engine then your traffic will automatically be increased and the product will be sold. Talk about yourself do you go more than two pages while searching anything. the answer is no you don’t go even on the second page most of the time. That is the reason all companies wanted to be the top search page.

Why is important SEO important?

As I told earlier most of the traffic goes to the top 5 results. So it becomes important for you to come in the top 5 results of the Google search engine. By this your website can appear on one of the top positions of your selected keyboard and can get high traffic.

Advantages of Search Engine optimization

1‌ search engine optimization leads to free and organic traffic on the website
2‌ people searching for your product and 3.services can easily get it without any effort.
‌ this increases sales of a product and services.
‌4. It does not involve any money
5. top SEO provides promotion without involving any money.


This was the little information about SEO from our side. May this article help You to solve all your doughts. This is a very broad topic and this was the small effort from our side to help you to understand this. If you
Have any questions then comment below thankyou love you all.


If you want to read all about SEO in offline Mode. Then you need to download PDF Ebooks launched by a certified Blogger or Seo Manager. On google, you can get many PDF ebooks. Some of them are free while some are paid. Here I am going to mention some PDF launched by blogger personalities. You can download all ebooks from their official sites.

  1. EBook BY Harsh Agrawal – Harsh Agrawal is the biggest blogger in India. He is famous for their Seo. He has launched many Pdf Ebooks Course. One of them is ” WordPress SEO Tutorial”. This one pdf ebook is perfect for WordPress user.


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