What is UPI and How does UPI Work?

 What is UPI( Unified payments interface) full information.

What is upi

In this article you will learn about upi and how it’s work. By this method we will able to achieve the dream of cashless india easily and more effectively.This method allows the users to operate their bank transaction through mobile. and made possible to send and receive the money instantly.

What is Upi

It stands for unified payment interface. This platform is used for instant real time payment . This platform brings different banks together under one umbrella , and it also makes possible to send and receive money from various banks using your mobile phone.you just need a UPI ID and pin to make transactions possible. And real time payment can be done using a virtual address called UPI ID.

What is UPI ID and PIN?

It is a unique address or identification that identifies you on UPI . The banks recognise your unified payment interface ID to make transactions possible. And PIN is a four digit number that you have to enter for transfer of money through unified payment interface service.

How do you use UPI

To use it follow these steps

  • ‌download any payment app.
  • ‌ login to your app
  • ‌ click on UPI and choose the virtual payment method.
  • ‌ Now enter amount and Enter every details of the  VPA(payee’s Virtual Payment Address), amount and remarks etc .
  • Choose the VPA you would like to debit and and submit it.
  • ‌ now you are ready to transfer the money.

Is Debit card necessary for UPI?

For initial transactions and payments you may need debit card but once you have filled all the information and details of your debit card. You will not need it anymore.

Who is behind Upi?

Unified payment interface is platform by (NPCI) National payments cooperation of India. It got support of Reserve bank of india (RBI) and Indian banks association (IBA).NPCI operates the Rupay payment method like visa and mastercard. You may have notice these things in advertisement allows different banks to interconnect and transfer money.

How does UPI work?

Today unified payment interface has made the transaction very easy and quick. It has removed all the problems that the people were facing during money transfer through banks before . if you want to make a Bank payment online then you have to enter their account number, account type, Bank name and IFSC code. Which makes the process very difficult and time consuming.

But Upi has made the online payment method very easy and quick. Any user can transfer or receive money through their smartphones by using UPI ID Without entering your bank details.

According to npci 29 banks are agreed to start the service. If your bank is UPI enable , then you can ask your bank to connect to your system. so that you can make any transaction online.

Which UPI is best

  1. PhonePe. Phone pe is one of the leading unified payment interface apps in India.
  2. MobiKwik.
  3. BHIM SBI.
  4. .Kotak 811.
  5. Paytm. Paytm is the most popular digital wallet and Unified payment interface APP.
  6. Google Pay (previously known as Google Tez)

Banks that support Upi

  • State Bank of India (SBI Pay)
  • ICICI Bank(iMobile)
  • Vijaya Bank (Vijaya UPI)
  • Union Bank of India (Union Bank UPI)
  • HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank MobileBanking)
  • Axis Bank (Axis Pay)
  • Bank of Maharashtra (Maha)
  • United Bank of India (United unified payment interface)
  • Federal Bank (Lotza)
  • UCO Bank (UCO- unified payment interface)
  • Bank of Baroda( Baroda M pay)n
  • South Indian Bank (SIB M-Pay)
  • Yes Bank (Yes Pay)
  • Karnataka Bank (KBL Smartz)
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB)

Is Upi is secure?

It is highly secured platform as it is run by NPCI and reserve Bank of India also plays a great role for it security. NPCI handles 8000 crore rupees of transactions everyday. It uses pin for any transaction similar to OTP for verifying every transactions. Here PIN is used as OTP to secure transaction.


This article contains information about unified payment interface and some additional information. Today internet is growing very fast but many people are here who do not have internet connection to make India cashless.  so we need more time to complete our dream of digital India. Thank you for reading, love you all.

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